We continue in this blog space with one of the most important topics when making decisions: Fear of change.


At Playball, through our two main services: Player´s Representation and Scholarship Advice for the United States, we promote decision-making and consequently a change in the lives of the girls we work for.

Whether it is to change a club or to change the country in which to study, we will carry out a change that may (initially) cause us some fear.

I, Jaime Gómez founder of Playball, have felt fear for many decisions that I have made. I have been afraid of change when I decided to go to study in the United States, when I decided to return after finishing my degree, or when I decided to move away from the professional financial world to develop a dream. But with time and experience, I have come to realize that this fear of change is nothing more than an initial discomfort in the face of the unknown.

I call it “initial discomfort´´ because I believe that this feeling caused by making an import decision is simply a mental limitation that arises from the safety of our comfort zone. This fear is nothing more than uncertainty or anxiety of wanting to know ahead of time what this new environment that we will find will be like and that, if negative, we would rather stay as we are.

That comfort is what limits us and I can also assure you that the worst decisions I have made have been from my comfort zone.

When you decide to break your routine and be receptive to everything that comes in your way, then is when you really feel alive. That is the true solution to the fear of change, accepting uncertainty and enjoying it in its entirety as it is part of the process.

I encourage you to try, to discover, to launch into the unknown without fear or anxiety. There will always be time for everything and you always have to feel that “fear” to feel alive. There is no worse fear than having no illusions, objectives or goals to feel fulfilled …

So I always say to myself: