We are here for good.

Playball is a dream come true.

We are a company that offers services for female footballers. We are born with the aim of helping professionalize and offer opportunities in this sector.

At Playball we believe in Women’s Football. Our philosophy is about a joint growth between the footballers and us with a long-term and confident mentality. We are a company with a fixed idea: GROWTH OF WOMEN’S FOOTBALL. We are strongly committed to the development of this sport and its protagonists, being convinced not only of its future potential but also of its great present.

Beyond seeing women’s football as a sector, in PLAYBALL we believe in women as a value. Which is why, amongst other details, our corporate color is purple. This color represents women with full skills and abilities, highlighting their power. We also resort to purple as a symbol of International Women’s Day and its meaning. The signature color was adopted by the English suffragists in 1908 as a symbol of their battle, drawing inspiration from the English nobility. Currently the color purple demonstrates its support for the equal rights of women at the social and labor level.

We live in times of outstanding female professional development in many fields, highlighting the equality needed for sustainable growth of the world’s population. The working female figure in sectors where they did not have much prominence is reinforced enough to no longer be considered a revolution but a confirmation.

This is the main goal of PLAYBALL:

Confirm women’s development in the world of FOOTBALL and try to break down barriers still unimaginable.